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Prostate Ultrasound Cases


1. TRUS Prostate Cyst Aspiration

30 yo with secondary subfertility and an ejaculate volume of 0.4 cc

  • A biplane transducer (B-K 8088) was used. The images are real-time.
  • The lower panel is a longitudinal view with the guide (dotted) line visible
  • The upper panel is a transverse view
  • Puncture of the cyst and aspiration of its contents resulted in compete evacuation of cyst fluid.
  • Ejaculate volume increased to 1.2 cc, 4 days after the procedure
 Cyst Asperation Thumbnail
  • 1 month FU TRUS
  •  Ejaculate volume 1.4 cc, 4 weeks after the procedure
  • Residual/recurrent cyst 14 x 0.8 mm at right base
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