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Semen Analysis – Basics

The Men’s Fertility Laboratory is a New York State licensed referral laboratory and is located in our office. We provide comprehensive services with reports usually faxed back within hours.

Our testing menu includes:

  • Complete semen analysis: concentration, count, motility, morphology (WHO and “strict criteria”)
  • biochemical studies (e.g., fructose, peroxidase)
  • sperm antibody studies (both MAR and immunobead)
  • post ejaculate urine evaluation (with quantification of retrograde ejaculation)
  • semen processing for IUI

Please see our article Semen Analysis in the Evaluation of the Subfertile Male for further information.

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You can either collect your specimen at home or in our office. If you collect your specimen at home it should be collected no more than one hour prior to your arrival at my office in a sterile, wide-mouth container (this can be obtained from your local pharmacy or you can pick up a container at my office). Whichever you choose, please make sure that prior to collection you abstain from all sexual relations for 48 – 72 hours. This is to insure that the best possible sample will be analyzed.

(Please note: abstaining less than 48 hours or longer than 72 hours will yield a specimen that is not truly representative).

For Routine Semen Analysis:

  1. Please abstain from ejaculating for 48-72 hours prior to specimen collection.
  2. Specimen can be collected at home or in the office.
  3. For specimens collected at home:
    1. Empty your bladder by urinating in the toilet.
    2. Collect the specimen by ejaculating into a sterile wide-mouthed container (obtain from local pharmacy or stop by our office).
    3. Please bring the sample to the office within one hour of collection to insure that the best possible specimen will be examined. Please keep the specimen at body temperature.

DO NOT URINATE after giving the specimen. When you arrive at the office we will ask you to collect all the urine in your bladder by urinating (to completion) into a sterile container (these we will provide at the time your specimen is delivered).
If you have any questions about these instructions please call us. It’s important to have a properly collected specimen for evaluation.

Bruce R Gilbert, MD, PhD at 516-487-2700 or info@Bruce GilbertMD.com

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