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With the right evaluation...

The best first step is diagnosis. Using the most current and technologically advanced evaluative tools available, we first thoroughly evaluate to determine the cause and extent of the disorder.

Our “State-of-the-Art” office has all the latest diagnostic equipment for the most sophisticated and complete evaluation possible.

The Men’s Fertility Laboratory: our well respected New York State licensed referral laboratory is on premises and provides comprehensive services including:

  • complete semen analysis: concentration, count, motility, morphology (WHO and “strict criteria”)
  • biochemical studies
  • sperm antibody studies
  • post ejaculate urine evaluation
  • semen processing for IUI
  • hormonal evaluation

New York Cryo: our New York State licensed sperm bank is also on-site. We provide both short and long term storage of male reproductive specimens from both patients wanting to store specimens for use with a sexually intimate partner and from directed donors.

We also have available

Color Duplex Ultrasound for evaluation of penile blood flow (erectile dysfunction) as well as scrotal blood flow (subfertility).

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Testing (NPT) for differentiation between psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction

Cavernosometry/Cavernosography for sophisticated evaluation of penile vascular dynamics (erectile dysfunction)
as well as all Medical and Surgical options for treatment of sexual dysfunction and infertility

We are a recognized No-Scalpel Vasectomy Center for a safe, effective and minimally invasive method of permanent birth control.

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