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Your in-office consultation begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your past and present medical history. This includes a complete review of your medical records, together with a discussion of your goals. A comprehensive physical exam and a thorough discussion of options will follow. If required, laboratory tests and imaging studies might be requested. This extensive consultation is usually one and a half to two hours in length and will provide answers to your questions. Reducing the need for multiple office visits. If you feel comfortable with having your partner present, we encourage it.

A second opinion from Dr. Gilbert includes a comprehensive review of medical records, including the report of the surgical procedures you might have had and any pathology reports from biopsies that may have had. A discussion of treatment options follows after your goals are understood. A second opinion is often essential to confirm your treatment decision as well as an opportunity to present alternative approaches. Ask about our option for a TeleHealth second opinion!

We have an advanced patient portal where you have 24/7 access to your medical history and treatment discussions. Through the portal, you can upload and download your records, communicate with the Doctor and office staff, make appointments, and pay bills. The portal is also the access point for TeleHealth visits. TeleHealth visits are time-savers and done from the privacy of your home or office.

To request information by mail, without scheduling a consultation, please use our contact form.

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