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We welcome you to our Newsletter archives. First, begun in 1992 they were printed versions of what we are now able to send via email.

We intend these Newsletters to be a forum for discussion of exciting new developments in the fields of male fertility, male sexual dysfunction, hormonal treatment options and complementary approaches to Urologic disease. We will also present office research protocols and answers to patient and referrers questions.

We encourage you to email any questions or suggestions you might have or topics you feel should be included in future Newsletters.

March 2006

  1. Many men use banked sperm after cancer treatment
  2. “Chronic pain: It’s time to think outside the box
  3. Testicular tumor in an aviator

November 2005

  1. Patient Guide for Testicular Implants now online
  2. Sperm Banking Improves Sperm Function
  3. ‘Sharing the Dream Program’ Exceeds Expectations! More Female Offspring with Fighter Pilots?

May 2005

  1. Vasectomy Reversal…it’s all about experience
  2. Male Contraceptive Targets Immune Response
  3. From the inbox: Implanting a Testicular Prosthesis in a 3 year old…

October 2004
Papers we will be presenting at the ASRM in Philadelphia next week!

  1. Impaired semen quality after treatment for testicular cancer: Implication for future Fertility O-58
  2. Cryopreservation Prior to Radiation Therapy in testis Cancer Patients: Is it Necessary? P-48
  3. Subfertility in cancer patients at initial sperm banking consultation P-122

September 2004
SPECIAL REPORT: Viagra® and Male Fertility: Caution Advised

August 2004

  1. L-Carnitine Improves Sperm Motility…or does it…
  2. Vasectomy reversal…a Very Successful Procedure
  3. Height Requirements for Pilots

July 2004
SPECIAL REPORT: Drug Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease-New Indication for Sperm Banking
Azathioprine and 6-Mercaptopurine affect sperm quality and function

April 2004

  1. Is SCSA the Ultimate Male Fertility Test?
  2. Viagra® Impairs Male Fertility?
  3. Diabetes and FAA Medical Certification.

March 2004

  1. Something New!…A Drug Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence
  2. A reader e-mails a question on fertility after a Vasectomy
  3. Interesting Case!
  4. Flying High – Aviation Medicine Seminar Concludes

February 2004

  1. The Triumvirate: Viagra, Levitra Cialis…is there a difference
  2. BPH Study Underway!
  3. Give it a Trial…Sperm washing might just be the answer!
  4. Valentine’s Day Aviation Medicine Seminar

January 2004

  1. Military heading overseas bank sperm.
  2. Silimed testicular prosthesis trial underway
  3. Paul S. Walter, RPA-C joins our staff!
  4. Vasectomy reversal FAQ
  5. 5. Aviation Medicine Seminar Information

December 2003

1. Preserving future fertility with sperm banking

  1.  Rapid Ejaculation and Urethritis trial underway
  2.  And Cialis® makes three!
  3.  Aviation Medical Seminar Begins!

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