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Empowering You With Knowledge

What you don’t know we want you to know….that is what we mean by “Empowering you with Knowledge”. To do this we provide multiple options for you to learn about ‘Why’ we do what we do, ‘How’ we provide you with the best care and ‘What’ unique expertise we possess.

We believe that through education we can make a difference. As an early adopter of online education we make use Tweets, YouTube videos and online forums to engage others. Our RSS feeds provide an insight into cutting edge research. We also provide links to our publications and presentations.  For more immediate needs my staff and I are available to help you find the proper resource to answer your questions. I am also available by schedule telephone and video calls.

We hope that you will become an active part of our community through involvement with our forums and by providing questions that you would like us to answer.  We are constantly adding new content to this site. In fact, many of the additions come from our patients and community of inquiring individuals. If you have questions or have a particular area of interest related to Reproductive or Sexual Medicine, Reproductive Microsurgery, Urologic ultrasound, Advanced Fertility Testing, Sperm banking, Male Hormonal Regulation, Acupuncture or Clinical Research please let us know!


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